We strive to make uplighting as affordable as possible.

Our uplighting services are offered as both an add-on to our dj, karaoke, and photobooth services, and also as an a-la-carte option. Even if you already have a DJ or Photobooth professional, you can also look to JT Michaels Entertainment if you’d like a dedicated lighting professional to attend to your event. Discounts may apply if our other services are booked, but we are also one of the ONLY companies providing uplighting services a-la-carte.

We provide two basic levels of LED uplights service to try and fit everyone’s budget, with prices starting as low as $150.


Our fully hosted Uplighting Package allows up to five hours of reception time with as many as 12 uplights. Your uplighting host will set up your lights, and make color changes as requested by you over the course of the night- including switching to dance mode, if so desired.


For those on a budget, we can set up the lights at the beginning of the night, and collect them again after your event is over. Color changes and changing to sound-activated mode will not be available, and the client will be responsible for damage and/or loss liabilities.

Both our hosted and unhosted light packages include a consultation on color and placement of the uplighting fixtures. Number of fixtures, travel distance and length of reception may also affect pricing.

Go ahead, set the mood.
Add color to your event.
Let JT Michaels enhance your space.
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