Live Trivia

J.T. Michaels Entertainment is proud to introduce LiveTrivia™,  a two-hour live interactive trivia show for your bar, restaurant, or private party. We can offer suggestions customized for your event or choose from three exciting formats!…


General Knowledge

Covering multiple categories such as entertainment, geography, history, and more!


Music Theme

Think you know music? We have a “Name That Tune” type format with random music themes!


Sports Theme

Questions related to anything SPORTS!


Our game show is always a huge hit wherever we go. We work hard to bring our clients an experience that is customized for just them. Need trivia on a weekly basis? Not a problem. Or if you just want to try it once as an add-on to your private party, we can make that happen, too!




Are you a bar/restaurant and want to try LiveTrivia™ absolutely FREE?
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