Be a singing SUPERSTAR! Sing along to your favorite songs while following along on our LCD monitor or projector screen. Choose from more than 50,000 karaoke songs, updated monthly, from all types of genres.




We were one of the very first in Central Ohio to convert over from karaoke DVD’s to MP3 + CDG. This was done in 2003 allowing us to serve our customers better. No more lugging around hundreds of CD’s! Running karaoke from our laptop or computer means we’re able to access our music library much faster. We can instantly bring up your song request and add your name to the singing que with ease.

Ever heard of a karaoke kiosk? No more worn-out, sticky, or outdated songbooks ever again! Simply search our music database by either artist or title. Pick out the song you’d like to sing, add your name, and hit “submit”. It’s that easy! Need the song slowed down or sped up? You even have the option to change the key if needed…all from the touchscreen kiosk!

This service is available as an add-on to any of our DJ packages. Do you have a bar, restaurant, or other type of establishment? Increase sales by adding our weekly karaoke show to your entertainment line-up. Call us at 614-571-0820 today!