iPod vs Wedding DJ

Getting married soon and wondering if you should just use an iPod? It’s easy to understand why a couple about to start their new life together would want to save money wherever possible…especially in today’s economy. The iPod wedding debate has been going on for nearly a decade now and there are still those who unfortunately have either been misinformed or simply refuse to believe the advice of professionals who are at weddings every weekend.

So what exactly is wrong with using an iPod? First, I’m sure you probably know you simply cannot just use an iPod itself to provide the entertainment at your wedding reception. The Apple iPod does not have a built-in speaker…and even if it did, it wouldn’t be powerful enough to provide coverage for your entire room. This means equipment must be purchased or rented. You say a relative or friend has a speaker system they will let you use? If it were only that easy.

iPod Wedding Disaster

A professional wedding DJ is more than someone who just plays music. He is an emcee, he reads the crowd and adjusts music to get or keep people dancing, and he coordinates with other vendors to make sure the events of the evening all transition smoothly. There’s the caterer to check in on to make sure dinner is ready, working with the photographer to be sure he/she is ready for the first dance, cake cutting, bouquet & garter toss, and so much more.

There is a also a huge difference between pro audio and home stereo equipment. You won’t find the gear used by Professional DJ’s at your local Best Buy or Wal-Mart. It’s worth thousands of dollars, usually insured, and regularly serviced. The wedding DJ knows his equipment well. His career depends on it. Rented audio gear has a much shorter life span having been through the hands of all kinds of customers. It’s also not as cheap as you may think. Then there’s the time it takes to call around and reserve the equipment or to search online, more time & gas spent in traffic picking it up, and who wants to bother with dropping it off on your honeymoon? If it gets damaged or gets stolen, YOU are responsible for it. When hiring a DJ, they are responsible for their own equipment.

Still convinced the iPod is the way to go? What about the microphones? Wedding DJ’s have wireless mics that are a necessity at wedding receptions. They are used for bridal party introductions, announcements, and toasts/speeches. The flexibility of having a professional wireless mic with a 300-ft range is something you’ll want at your wedding. You’ll also need more than just speakers. You’ll need an amplifier if the speakers are not powered, a mixer probably to be able to hook the mic into, and you’ll probably want DJ lights. It starts to add up quickly.

Hiring a DJ doesn’t have to cost thousands. Wedding DJ’s vary in price and you’d be surprised how affordable one can be. How much to hire J.T. Michaels for your wedding? Find out now by getting a free INSTANT QUOTE if you’d like at http://www.jtmichaels.djintelligence.com/quote.


For more info about iPod weddings: http://www.discjockey.org/ipod-wedding-guide/

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