About J.T.


Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, J.T. Michaels is an established radio/club/mobile DJ. He began his career in 1989 which happened naturally because of his strong passion for music. “Cassette tapes, vinyl, and CD’s were still very popular back then”, he says. He quickly amassed a fairly large music library. Obtaining the DJ gear came easy with the help of his father who already had a PA system for his basement band. Everything came together perfectly. His first mobile event was a graduation party at Big Run Park in Columbus for a friend.


The following year, he was asked to DJ a fundraiser for Krogers complete with NBC4 personalities stopping by to make an appearance. As his friends graduated and grew older, it wasn’t long before they were calling on J.T. Michaels to provide DJ services for their weddings, too. J.T. began working for his first radio station, 107.1 (WLRO-FM) in 1990, and in 1995 was offered an on-air position with K95 (WHOK-FM). It was also around this same time that he began J.T. Entertainment.


When K95 was bought by Jacor Communications, it was the beginning of a major shake-up in Columbus radio. “Three country radio stations were suddenly operating out of our facility at The Continent…Country 98.9, K95, and strangely enough…Wink 107.1″, he says. J.T was oddly enough back on the frequency where it all started. Then on December 3rd, 1997, he left the country format to be an on-air personality for Sunny 95 (WSNY-FM). However, with the number of mobile gigs increasing, missed weekends with his son, and the radio station demanding regular weekend shifts, J.T. made the difficult decision to leave FM radio and focus on his mobile DJ company.


In 1999, J.T. Michaels was one of the first professional entertainers in Central Ohio to begin DJ’ing via the laptop computer. This was done at various mobile events as well as his weekly Thursday night gig with WNCI’s Chris Davis at the Elephant Bar & Restaurant. He converted his entire music library over to MP3 format from CD, a time-consuming process that took weeks to complete.


JT Michaels
J.T. Michaels now has well over 60,000 songs available! With a Verizon 4G mobile internet connection always available, his music collection is virtually unlimited! J.T. performs various events each year. In addition to private parties, he can be seen at multiple corporate events also. J.T. is one of the DJ’s at the Hollywood Casino , can be seen at Nationwide Arena as a DJ for the Columbus Bluejackets home games, and still guest DJ’s at many bars/clubs around town.