Everal Barn Wedding Reception – Westerville, OH

Wonderful memories were made this month when Zech & Liz married each other. Their wedding reception was at The Everal Barn in Westerville, Ohio. There were approximately 100 guests in attendance.

J.T. Michaels was asked to take care of the entertainment for their reception. With a 2.5 hr of setup time, this ensured that everything was working properly and in order as guests began to arrive at 5pm.



This rustic-themed wedding was a LOT of fun! We enjoyed the various song requests from everyone throughout the evening. The young wedding couple did a FANTASTIC job picking out their formal dances, too!

Congratulations Zech & Liz! We thoroughly enjoyed providing music for them on this special occasion, helping make their wedding day, and making some new friends, too! Congratulations Zech & Liz!


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