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Getting married but don’t want the same old, plain, boring cookie-cutter wedding? If you want more out of your reception than guests being forced to listen to the “Chicken Dance”, check out these fantastic wedding ideas we’ve come up with! After going over each one, let us know if there are any ideas you’d like to add.


Reception Ushers

Not to be confused with ushers you typically see helping grandmothers to their seats at a wedding ceremony, Reception Ushers offer your guests a personalized service giving your reception that upscale restaurant feel. You can use the same ushers from your ceremony or ask the catering staff or venue for possibly help with this.


Wedding Transportation

If your ceremony and reception will be in two different locations, consider #2 of our unique wedding ideas. Provide your wedding guests with cool transportation! Nowadays, there are a variety of options available from limos, party buses, shuttle buses, coach buses, and more. Consider our partners at Columbus Party Buses for your transportation needs.


Take-Home Leftovers

With hundreds of weddings under our belt, we’ve seen everything. One thing that will never change…the dreaded clean-up. With the party over, the bride & groom’s family, friends, and staff will join forces to get the venue straightened up…but what about the leftovers? Try including take-out food boxes or to-go containers at your wedding reception so nothing is wasted. From wedding cake, extra desserts, or just plain leftovers, your guests will appreciate you going the extra mile for them.


Child Care

You’ve been there. It’s either happened to you or you’ve seen it first-hand. You’re at a wedding reception or other type of event and it starts to get late. With your child getting cranky, you’re forced to leave the party early. Not if you hire a professional babysitter! Depending on the number of guests with little ones, you may need to hire possibly two or three. Doing so, though, will set you apart from previous weddings your guests have attended and keep everyone happy.


First Dance Confetti Drop

Your first dance is supposed to be special. Give it that extra touch with one of our most popular wedding ideas! Have confetti dropped from the ceiling during your first dance. Think of the fabulous wedding pics! Consider using flower petals (real or imitation) instead of confetti for that romantic feel. Your banquet manager, florist, or wedding planner can work together to make this happen.


Karaoke After-Party

Your wedding reception has come to an end. The time flew by so quickly. You look at the time and it’s not even midnight. Your bridal party has spent so much time looking good….just for this day….and they aren’t ready to go home. Why not take them to a karaoke after-party? Your late night will come alive as your hardest-partying guests sing to their favorite karaoke songs. Totally different from your formal ballroom wedding, this relaxed, laid-back, and chill atmosphere at your local karaoke club is sure to be a night to remember. Our guess is that nobody will remember. 🙂


Custom Monogram

Some couples have never heard of this idea before. Technically, the gobo projector has been present at weddings, public venues, and corporate events for years. However, technology has improved. With lighter-weight projectors, more creative designs, brighter LED lighting, and now being more cost-effective than ever, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Custom Monograms are one of the latest wedding trends. It is not even necessary to hire a lighting technician anymore. Just choose a design (or create one in Photoshop), have a glass or steel gobo made using that design, and rent a gobo projector. Takes just minutes to set up. Run throughout the evening. Your wedding guests will love it!


Social Media Integration

Our last cool wedding idea happens to be another one of the latest trends right now, too. Social Media. You see it everywhere…and there’s a reason. Everyone is on it…from Twitter, Facebook, InstagramMyspace, Tumblr, Google+, Flickr, and more. So why not create a wedding website of your own!

With the majority of us having smartphones nowadays, let your guests get involved by allowing them to be your photographer, videographer, and/or blogger. Create a custom poll on the best food served or song played. Place a personal hashtag (i.e. #thompsonwedding2016) on inexpensive business cards or signs encouraging them to LIVE tweet throughout the night. Their feedback, comments, uploaded photos & videos will serve as a the BEST digital guestbook you could ever ask for!


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