Jamberry Nails – The Newest Fashion Trend?

What is Jamberry? By all means…read on.

I had a chance to meet up this afternoon with Nora McCoy of Party Planners Plus. For those that don’t already know, Nora McCoy wears many hats. She’s a wedding planner, a day of coordinator, a licensed wedding officiant, business owner, wife, mother, grandmother, and now an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails.


But what is Jamberry? What’s the buzz all about? How does it work?

Jamberry Nails are essentially nail wraps that are applied with heat. Yet, they are so much more. They are personalized, unique, stylish, cute, sexy, and affordable. Unlike a tattoo, they are not permanent…yet they can last for WEEKS at a time. There’s no offending grandma or having to cover them up. They are meant to be shown off! You can browse their website and choose from over 300 different designs. Why not add your favorite sports team? Jamberry is adding fresh, new, exciting designs all the time.



Getting married? Brides will find one-of-a-kind nail wraps for their wedding day. How about your bridal party? Get them a custom design to match their dresses! With Jamberry, anything is possible!

Can’t I just get the same thing at my local drug store? Think again. Jamberry Nails has only durable, long-lasting nail wraps intended for everyday use. You don’t have to be certified to apply them either. Their DIY-at-home application process makes it possible for anyone to apply.

How about the cost, though? They are very affordable. With each sheet of 18 Jamberry Nail Wraps at just $15, they are easy on the pocketbook…which is just one more reason to consider giving them a try. With hundreds of designs to choose from and additional accessories available, it’s no wonder why Jamberry Nails are probably the hottest fashion trends going right now.


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