Five Tips On How To Hire The Perfect Wedding DJ

Planning your own wedding reception can be overwhelming. There are SO many decisions to make including hiring all of your vendors such as your wedding planner, cake decorator, photographer, and yes…your wedding DJ. This one person alone will leave your guests walking away talking about your wedding reception for MONTHS to come. Just make sure it’s in a good way!

Your reception should be a celebration, a drama-free, worry-free, party. Some wedding couples will try and provide music themselves by either hooking up an iPod or bringing a stack of music CD’s. As they get closer to their wedding day, they realize they’ve not really saved money at all. They still must rent/buy speakers, purchase/obtain all the music, and what about a mic for the introductions, announcements, etc?

This is where the wedding DJ comes in. Having an experienced, professional DJ with good reviews means you’ll be able to enjoy your celebration, worry-free. All of the entertainment from beginning to end is taken care of so you can party with your family and friends the way it was meant to be.

Which mobile DJ company to choose, though? We’ve listed 5 tips to hopefully help you in deciding the perfect wedding DJ!


1. What kind of music do you want to hear?
This can be a difficult choice to make. The music played at weddings is typically clean versions of popular songs often heard on the radio. It is a ‘safer’ choice of music to appeal to a broader audience. After all, you’ll most likely have a wide variety of ages which could range from newborns to the elderly. Most, if not all, wedding DJ’s will play the chart hits and classic songs, ensuring that everyone dances. It is the job of the wedding DJ to speak with you beforehand to discuss your favorite genre of music. With J.T. Michaels Entertainment, we offer more than 60,000 songs with online planning available on our website so couples can add their favorite songs to their Request List.


2. How much do you want to pay?
It sounds obvious, but the rates that mobile DJ’s charge can differ quite substantially, even if they are essentially doing the same thing. For example, if you want to book a DJ with a bit of reputation, or even a celebrity DJ, you’ll need to shell out more cash. We suggest you get a few quotes from local DJ’s in the area. Be realistic. If you don’t have a whole lot to spend on the extra frills many of them offer such as extra lighting, photo booth rental, or additional hours, don’t expect it. Most mobile DJ’s only charge for performance time. This is why a 3-4 hour reception will cost much less than an 8-hour reception.

When getting a quote, if you are trying to stay within a particular budget, be upfront and tell them this. Most likely they will be able to work within your budget. You can get a FREE QUOTE online right from our website at


3. Do they have the proper amount of experience?
We can’t stress this enough. Don’t hire a beginner DJ! There are plenty of backyard BBQ’s, picnics, and other small private parties that would be more suited for beginner DJ’s first gig. Your wedding is NOT it. Keep in mind that this will be one of the MOST important days of your life and trusting a newbie to entertain your closest family and friends will most likely lead to disaster.


4. What about the DJ gear or equipment?
When selecting potential DJ’s, make sure they have a good sound and PA system. Having poor sound quality will never end well, no matter how good your DJ is. Professional wedding DJ’s will have professional PA systems, but it’s definitely worth making sure before you book anyone. At J.T. Michaels Entertainment, we use ONLY pro audio/lighting and we have several systems depending on the size of the event. So whether you have a wedding of 30 guests or 300, J.T. Michaels Entertainment has the DJ gear that matches your requirements perfectly.


5. Book Early!
We can’t stress this point enough either. Good wedding DJ’s are in high demand. Don’t think you can book them a week or two in advance. It rarely works out that way. Most clients book us at least six months to one year in advance. Some will book three to six months in advance. Then there are those who will contact us in an emergency having a last minute crisis because their DJ bailed on them. We’re happy to accommodate brides regardless of their wedding date whenever possible.


Still have questions? Need help in deciding the PERFECT wedding DJ? We’re here to help! With nearly 25 years of experience, we know a thing or two about weddings! We’ve had the pleasure of providing DJ services to hundreds of brides. We have a fantastic resource of wedding vendors in our network. Call us at 614-571-0820 or visit us at JTMICHAELS.COM today!



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