Why Hire A Wedding DJ vs Band…and more

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Those of us who have been married often think back on their wedding day. After all, it is one of the most important days of their lives. What did you do at your wedding for entertainment? Did you hire a DJ?

A survey done recently shows that a whopping 81% of guests remember the entertainment (Band / DJ) over everything else!


More than half (65%) of all couples that hired a band to entertain at their wedding reception, said, if they had it to do over again, they would have chosen a DJ instead!

*These statistics were published in St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine. Sources include: Simmons; USA Today, National Bridal Service, The Knot, Brides Magazine.

With such findings, the role of today’s wedding DJ is no doubt vital. This wasn’t the case until the 70’s when the mobile disc jockey first came on the scene here in the U.S. Now an essential part of American culture, DJ’s are everywhere. The job description for DJs has also expanded. Wedding DJ’s are not only expected to play music, introduce the bridal party, and make announcements, but they also play the role of a wedding planner when none is present.

But why hire a DJ vs. a band? When you hire a band to entertain, you’re limited as to song selection, style, and mobility. When you hire a professional DJ, on the other hand, you instantly have access to thousands upon thousands of amazing songs…from today’s Top 40 hits to rare jazz classics.

As mentioned above, in addition to playing music, we coordinate with your hired wedding vendors (caterer, photographer, bartender, etc.) to ensure a seamless behind-the-scenes operation. It’s no reason why the majority of our business is repeat clients and previous customer referrals.

What are some of the other advantages that wedding DJ’s have over bands? With all bands, they need to take breaks between sets. We’ve heard of some bands taking up to a 45-minute break. Can you imagine? And most bands require multiple breaks, too. We don’t need to take any breaks.

Another huge disadvantage of the average band is the amount of space they need. Bands can have two, three, four, five members or more (vs. one wedding DJ). Not only is more square footage needed for the band members themselves, but they often lug in much more gear taking up more space. The wedding DJ, on the other hand, does not need more than a 6-ft table usually, taking up much less room, and can both set up and pack up rapidly.

One of the biggest reasons, though, for choosing a DJ over a band is overall cost. Finances become an important part when planning a wedding. With your typical wedding DJ, they tend to cost hundreds to thousands of dollars less than bands. Moreover, when you choose a wedding band, you never know exactly what you’re going to get. Unless you contract for specific musicians, for instance, band leaders can “switch out” of the gig at the last minute, leaving you high and dry. You’ll never have that problem with wedding DJs.

If you do decide to hire a band, most wedding couples also hire a DJ also. Why? Because a disc jockey can play during the bands breaks so there is no silence or dead time during the most important day of your life. When it comes to emcee duties, who will take care of the bridal party introductions? Release tables for dinner? And make other required announcements? This is typically done by the DJ.

Given just these reasons alone, it’s no surprise that more and more couples are choosing DJs over bands. At J.T. Michaels Entertainment, we know how important our role is. It’s something we don’t take lightly. With more than 20 years of experience in the wedding industry, clients all over Ohio (and surrounding states) have trusted us to provide DJ and emcee services on their special day. We’ve performed at hundreds of events over the years and we love what we do!

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