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We’ve been hosting live bar trivia for well over a decade now. We offer this as part of a one-time add-on at private parties or as a regular weekly show at a bar, pub, or restaurant. It’s fun, exciting, and competitive. Our own unique two-hour show, LiveTrivia™, consists of six rounds of random questions covering everything from general knowledge, history, music, sports, and more.



The trivia show or pub quiz was created in the early 70’s. It quickly rose to popularity with it’s unique concept. The trivia host or “quizmaster” asks a series of questions covering various topics. Answers are typically written down on an answer sheets and the individual or team with the most correct answers (or points) wins the game.


The Trivia Experience

You may have heard about these trivia shows before. At J.T. Michaels Entertainment, we don’t mumble some questions off a piece of paper. We offer a trivia night experience. A professionally hosted event that take place at your bar where your guests can take part, interact, play for prizes, be entertained, all while having fun doing it!


Why Does Your Bar Need Trivia?

You want your bar or restaurant to be a destination where customers gather for an experience. This means a place where people come to be entertained and have a great night out. On a slower Tuesday night, for example, your corner bar or typical drinking hole establishment will not likely have the growth and projected sales desired without some form of entertainment. However, incorporate our two-hour LiveTrivia™ show and you’ll begin seeing results immediately. It will turn your bar into a place where nights are planned around…rather than a place where people go after their night ends.


Give Your Customers Some Variety

As Central Ohio continues to grow, new establishments are being built all the time. Your bar or restaurant needs an advantage. Something that sets themselves apart from the “place down the street”. Give your guests a variety in their lives when they walk into your bar. This means giving them an experience that is different and stands apart from the rest. LiveTrivia™ delivers on this variety in a few different ways. We make your bar an event! We make your bar different and we make it that much more attractive to visit.



With our two-hour interactive trivia show, you’ll have a leg up on the competition. We provide you with a professional host who is experienced in building crowds, encouraging audience participation, and ensuring that everyone has a fun time. They go over the rules and explain the game at the beginning so nobody is left out.

We take care of everything from providing weekly trivia questions, supplying the P.A. speaker and microphone, and even providing the pens and answer sheets! We’ll also work hard to build a fan base, working to increase sales for your business, and actively promoting your bar or restaurant via social media.



We feel strongly that a trivia night for your business is something that can really help your bar grow. Doing so will help attract groups of individuals to your establishment. We’ve seen the difference. They’ll have a reason to choose your bar and will stay there for extended periods of time to drink, have fun, and get involved with exciting LiveTrivia™ brought to them.

If you have a bar or restaurant in Ohio and would like to give LiveTrivia™ a try, contact us. We’re happy to schedule a meeting with you to discuss your entertainment needs. No contract. No commitment. We’ll work together choosing a slower night of the week to build on and you’ll soon begin seeing results. We look forward to hearing from you.


Trivia Host J.T. Michaels in Columbus Ohio at Buffalo Wild Wings


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