Choctaw Lake & Berwick Manor Weddings

What a wonderful weekend at J.T. Michaels Entertainment! We were busy provided DJ services around the Buckeye State which included two weddings on Saturday. DJ Aladin was at Choctaw Lake in London, Ohio for Joe & Lauri’s wedding reception. J.T. Michaels was present for Greg & Jill’s wedding at The Berwick Manor in Columbus. Both weddings had approximately 100 guests each in attendance.

Lake Choctaw is located in Madison County approximately 7 miles north of London, Ohio. A beautiful setting for any event, Choctaw Lake Lodge sits adjacent to the beach overlooking the water. A smaller lodge nearby can accommodate up to 40 guests. Party tent rental is available on location and a gazebo for bands/wedding ceremonies can be reserved, too. Rates are attractive with pricing well below what you’d expect for a venue along the water surrounded by upscale homes.

In Columbus, J.T. Michaels provided music for Greg & Jill’s wedding. They chose The Berwick for both their ceremony and reception, renting rooms 2-4. This arrangement worked out well. Guests were able to easily transition from the ceremony site to the next room for cocktail hour/dinner & dancing. The wedding couple was amazing and such a pleasure to work for. Congratulations to Greg & Jill!



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