Justin & Samantha’s Wedding Reception

This past weekend was one of the MOST memorable ever! Chris and I loaded up about 2pm for Saturday’s wedding reception in Westerville, Ohio. Upon arriving at the venue, we got the DJ gear all set up, performed a sound check, and it was time for wardrobe change.

There are several advantages to being on stage (vs. on the dance floor). Because the entertainment is expected to perform on the stage, you can also expect there to be working electrical outlets nearby. You also don’t need to worry so much about securing/hiding your cables (the performers should be the only ones up there anyways and you can’t see the electrical and audio cables as easily). The biggest advantage, though, is not having to wonder where the DJ equipment goes. That question is answered when you’re up on stage. Typically, your main gear will go center stage…your speakers on far left/right.

Approximately 100 guests were in attendance for Justin & Samantha’s wedding reception. Catering provided by Boss Hogg’s (Pataskala, OH). We had a wonderful time with everyone so laid back. Lots of great requests and we enjoyed working for such a wonderful client. Thanks again!




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